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"Design is the intermediary between information and understanding."

Hans Hofmann

We Design Products, Spaces and Places for People Who Love Good Design. Design Inspired By You, Étalon Studio’s philosophy revolves around how people utilize and respond to their environment and how environments can be transformed to meet our clients’ desired goals by using our experience, systematic research, local and global knowledge and organizational skills in order to reach sustainable results.

Étalon Studio creates your perfect space that enhances your lifestyle with a professional and experienced Interior Design Firm in New Orleans and Atlanta. Our DesignPros provide Real Estate and Interior Design consulting services to Architects, General Contractors, Developers, and Owners for Hospitality, Retail, Corporate and High-End Residential projects throughout Southeast Region of the USA with Studios in Louisiana and Georgia, by appointment only. We are a Louisiana Registered Interior Design Firm specializing in environments and products for optimal health and well-being for your quality of life. Contact us today to begin your design project.

For Your Kitchen:

Recipe development is food design. Food is survival, culture and love: #EtalonLifeStyl

Etalon Cuisine


As natives of New Orleans our culinary products were developed in our home kitchen from original recipes we created using old family recipes and childhood favorite dishes for inspiration. We are avid home cooks and are passionate about fresh, local and organic ingredients. 

Etalon Cuisine Spice Blends make cooking easy and liven up your recipes providing all the spices you need, which you may not have on hand. Adding our spice blends to fresh vegetables and protein, a healthy menu is created and easily prepared...Pam & Jim

Etalon Creole Spice

Etalon Creole Spice Blend

This blend is a unique combination of spices that can be used in recipes to "add a little New Orleans" to your cooking or shake on food for extra flavor!

1 oz 5.65

3 oz 15.65 

Etalon StirFry

Etalon StirFry Spice Blend

It made sense to create a blend for a meal we often prepare and give an Asian flare to the many variations of fresh vegetables and steamed rice with beef, chicken or pork.

1 oz 5.65

3 oz 15.65

Etalon Moroccan

Etalon Moroccan Spice Blend

A little research gave us inspiration from North Africa to create a meal with ingredients we had on hand - ground lamb, shallots and carrots - and so this blend was created. Great for new recipes and for variations of old favorites.

1 oz 5.65

3 oz 15.65

Etalon Taco

Etalon Taco Spice Blend

Disappointed with store bought taco seasoning packs, we knew we could develop a better blend for "Taco Night". Our blend of twelve spices is complex, flavorful and healthy.

1 oz 5.65

3 oz 15.65 

Etalon Sample

Etalon Sample 4-Pack 

Great way to try our Creole, StirFry, Moroccan and Taco Spice Blends.

1 oz of Each Spice Blend 20.25


Etalon Brinade

Etalon Brinade combines brining and marinating in one step to create the most tender, moist and flavorful results.  You will be amazed and delighted!

Etalon Mojo

Etalon Mojo Pork Brinade

As lovers of pork and South American flavors, we wanted to develop a Brinade that had "Mojo". A taste richer and deeper is achieved by toasting back peppercorns with seeds of cumin & coriander, when blended with other seasonings it creates the perfect magic.   


New Orleans - The Studio is in our hometown to conduct trials for Étalon's Kitchen & Bath Product Line - launching in 2017.  Spice Blends make cooking easy and liven up your recipes.  Bath Salts are "Feel Good Therapy" to energize and relax you.  We wish you could smell this picture!

"Bon Apetit & To Your Health"

...Pam & Jim



"Nous Mangeons Bien"

Authentic. Southern. Connected.